Mind-Body Connection

A friend recently suggested I should see a film called The ConnectionIt explores the deep connection between mind and body and is excellent watching. The film looks at the evidence base which is emerging and makes the point that if we had a drug which was had a success rate of 30-50% we would have no hesitation in using it. This is illustrating of course the placebo effect, but a more preferred name is the natural healing response which we are capable of producing with our mind-body connection.

Health practitioners need to be mindful of this powerful natural potential when discussing medications and surgery as belief in a treatment is strongly associated with a positive outcome. Being more aware of the impact of negative emotions on our health is the flip side, and mindfullness meditation can be very powerful in helping us to centre ourselves to enjoy better health and wellbeing.

I recommend this film wholeheartedly and you can view the trailer below and if you wish see the film visit www.theconnection.tv and follow the instructions there. Thank you to The Connection team for producing such an educational and thoughtful film.