Exhausted to Energised

Dr Libby Weaver, nutritional biochemist, recently visited Wellington to talk about energy levels. Daily fatigue is a real issue for many people, and there is a spectrum from low energy causing major debilitation through to not reaching personal potential due to fatigue. Blood tests for iron and thyroid levels and other causes are often normal. Dr Libby outlined a different approach for looking at energy and maximising well being.

The mighty mitochondria are the power houses of energy in our cells, and supporting their function in important, and also taking Co-enzyme Q10 and antioxidants in our diets. Eating plenty of protein and vegetables and avoiding sugar and processed foods is also vital as is having great sleep, which is when we repair and restore our function. Good digestion enables us to absorb those precious micro and macronutrients , and adrenal and thyroid function are also intrinsically involved in wellbeing and good energy levels.

In her book 'Exhausted to energised', Dr Libby examines these issues and gives practical suggestions to improve energy levels. Her website Drlibby.com contains more information. I look forward to sharing some of her insights with my patients.